River Rats Kids Club

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River Rats Kids Club - Emerald Cove Resort
River Rats Kids Club at Emerald Cove Resort

The River Rats Kids Club at Emerald Cove Resort is perfect for parents who wanna have some adult time at the resort. Our fully staffed “River Rats Kids Club” is a perfect way to keep your kids busy while you relax. Kids are received with smiles the moment they walk through the door. They are supervised by our staff and will have their choice to do art work, beading, woodwork, play X-Box games or one of our many other planned activities. Our qualified staff will keep them smiling and happy as they spend their day doing fun kid friendly activities. This is Supervised Kids Camping at it’s finest!

Parents can have an opportunity to relax on their own and be guaranteed their kids are safe and having the time of their life. Parents can spend the day lounging around the Tiki bar and swimming pools or jacuzzis enjoying cocktails knowing the kids are safe and having fun.

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