What to Bring on Your Next RV Camping Trip

Here’s your list for the next RV Camping Trip

At Emerald Cove Resort, we know that camping draws beginners and experienced campers alike, so we compiled a list of the greatest RV camping tips from our most frequent visitors to help the new campers be just as happy.

Are you worried about bugs, lighting a fire, or not bringing enough equipment on your RV camping trip? Our guide will show you just what to pack for a vacation in a motorhome and how to get the most of your stay at Emerald Cove Resort.

What to Pack in Your Motorhome, and What to Leave Behind

Our first bit of advice for packing a motorhome for a weekend trip to the beach or a week-long travel through the open planes is to consider what you really need. Extra goods, food, equipment, and even leisure items can weigh down the trip in more ways than one. The longer your checklist of items is, the more likely you are to lose something along the way.

Now that you’re being cautious in not over packing, here are the essential items Emerald Cove Resort RV Park regulars recommend:

  • Checklist – you want to be able to keep track of everything you brought, as well as all the events you want to accomplish while you’re on your vacation with the family.
  • Family Radio Service (FRS) – These are essentially short-range walkie-talkies that you can find at Walmart or other outdoor stores that allow you to communicate with your group from across the premises.
  • Extra RV Batteries and Fuses – Murphy’s Law states, “Whatever can go wrong, will.” Prepare yourself for the worst by carrying an extra RV battery and fuses and never be caught in the dark.
  • Old Cutlery – These utensils should be the ones you don’t mind getting dirty. You’ll need them for cooking, but between the knives, vegetable peeler, corkscrew, and can opener, something is bound to end up in the dirt.
  • Two Pairs of Shoes Per Person – You came to the great outdoors for a grand time, but we all know how nice it is to enter a clean space when you’re done playing in the mud. Bring a pair of shoes for your hikes that can stay outside, and an extra pair to wear in the RV so you don’t stub your toes at night.
  • WD-40 – The traveling man’s best friend.
  • Maps – Even in the age of smartphones you will find times where a good old fashion map is the right solution for the job. Don’t get stranded without one.

Home Remedy Bug Repellent

Some of our RV campers have been at this for a long time, and they have some of the best home-remedy bug repellents:

  • Unscented Dryer Sheets Keep Bees Away – That’s right, these simple and easily obtainable household items are perfect for keeping bees at bay.
  • Pine-Sol VS Flies – A 50/50 mix of Pine-Sol and water is the best spray to make flies buzz off. Spray this concoction and enjoy a picnic free of insect intruders, and it’ll make the area smell great too!
  • Burning Sage as Mosquito Repellent – Sage wisdom includes adding sage to your campfire for an easy mosquito repellent.
  • Listerine and Vinegar – According to our RV camping experts, a spray that consists of equal parts Listerine and vinegar is the best way to keep bugs and your spouse at a distance.

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